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The PAR Center is located in Downtown Los Angeles at the CalEdison, a classic Art Deco building built in 1931. Founded and designed by Practice Aligned Resources CEO Joy Murao, The PAR Center provides an environment where a community of service-minded legal and IT professional can come together to learn, network and share ideas.

The PAR Center hosts industry thought leaders to discuss and demonstrate the latest technology. Our legal community members can broaden their day-to-day technical skills through training in tools and workflows essential to the legal practice. Our quarterly women empowerment events showcase a variety of speakers to support and encourage attendees to strive toward their personal and professional goals.

The PAR Center houses a 15-seat training room, 10-seat conference room, 12-seat open collaborative workspace and a private workspace/phone room. The PAR Center leverages the latest technology and connectivity from AIRTAME wireless presentation to Email2Print printer stations. For more information or to reserve space, email

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